It took me WAY longer to finish this than I had anticipated, but I FELL IN is now live on Amazon, and I’m smiling through the terror!

This is likely the most personal book I’ll ever write. It’s based on my experiences during the first couple of years of college, when I was in love with a complicated, sexy, charismatic, and ultimately, disturbed man. Spoiler alert – it didn’t go well the first time around. “Truman” and I reconnected a couple of decades later and attempted to heal what had been broken. I was married by then, and in the middle of fertility treatments. If you’ve ever experienced the struggle of trying to get pregnant and not being able to easily, then you know how confusing and  painful it can be. Past and present are weaved together to give you a glimpse into a time in my life when relationships blossomed, collided and the definition of self-care was made crystal clear to me. While I did take some artistic license in creating a romance that readers could relate to, most of this story is true. Be sure to read the Author Note at the end for some heartbreaking details.

Thank you for your support and if you read it and love it – PLEASE write a quick review on Amazon. One sentence is all it takes to make an author’s day (and to help us access the marketing algorithm of the all-mighty Amazon, so that we can get our work in front of more readers).


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