viruses, diaries and my 80 year old mom…

I’ve been quiet, I know. I’m working on what I thought was a simple edit/clean up of the book I wrote over a year ago, I Fell In. As it happens, I basically vomited a diary-type entry on the pages and now I’m rewriting quite a bit of it. The good news is I’m VERY excited about what’s landing on the page, but it’s taking more time than I wanted it to. The advantages of being my own boss, I suppose…I can take my time and let my OCD loose and hopefully the result will be something that is amazing and loved by readers.

I could say more…I could talk about stress…and five year olds who catch every available virus at school and pass it on to me. Every. Virus. And living with my almost 80 year old mom who repeats the same stories over and over, but is so adorable doing it that I forgive her daily. But, that stuff isn’t very interesting.

So I’ll leave you with some good news…for me anyway. Saving Ben is being reviewed with lots of 5 Star ratings on Amazon. I still need more, but I can’t begin to explain how gratifying it is when I see that someone really loved the book. It’s beyond thrilling.

Getting readers to write reviews is like pulling teeth, but I have faith that slowly but surely word will spread. I want to have more to offer a new reader in general, though, so it’s back to I Fell In and hopefully this puppy will be published by May, 2017.

Thanks for your support and for the awesome reviews. (Please consider leaving one if you’ve read the book and loved it!)

Love you guys.

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