Mannequin Challenge, Why You Should Care

Just kidding. You shouldn’t.

You guys, why is this a thing? As I understand it, people just sort of stand still for a few moments in various action poses, while someone walks around filming them. And it’s supposed to be hilarious. Or super amusing. Maybe just slightly chuckle-worthy? All I feel when I watch these strange vids is mildly curious. Not curious to the point where I’m motivated to act. I’m not thinking, “Hey, that is so interesting to me I’m going to go research it.” Or “Hey that looks like fun. I shall gather my friends and do this exact thing only maybe we can get Rick to kick it up a notch and moon the camera. Rick’s hysterical! He’d totally do that!”

Nope. I get the kind of curious that is anti-motivational. I have no need to explore further. Kind of like when you see a guy on the subway scratching his genitals as if he doesn’t know that extreme genital touching will make them fall off. Seriously. A nun told me that.

So, this is as much effort as I can put forth to understand the mannequin challenge. Perhaps someone will enlighten me. S’not like I’ll be asking any further questions about it, though.

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