It took me WAY longer to finish this than I had anticipated, but I FELL IN is now live on Amazon, and I’m smiling through the terror!

This is likely the most personal book I’ll ever write. It’s based on my experiences during the first couple of years of college, when I was in love with a complicated, sexy, charismatic, and ultimately, disturbed man. Spoiler alert – it didn’t go well the first time around. “Truman” and I reconnected a couple of decades later and attempted to heal what had been broken. I was married by then, and in the middle of fertility treatments. If you’ve ever experienced the struggle of trying to get pregnant and not being able to easily, then you know how confusing and  painful it can be. Past and present are weaved together to give you a glimpse into a time in my life when relationships blossomed, collided and the definition of self-care was made crystal clear to me. While I did take some artistic license in creating a romance that readers could relate to, most of this story is true. Be sure to read the Author Note at the end for some heartbreaking details.

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viruses, diaries and my 80 year old mom…

I’ve been quiet, I know. I’m working on what I thought was a simple edit/clean up of the book I wrote over a year ago, I Fell In. As it happens, I basically vomited a diary-type entry on the pages and now I’m rewriting quite a bit of it. The good news is I’m VERY excited about what’s landing on the page, but it’s taking more time than I wanted it to. The advantages of being my own boss, I suppose…I can take my time and let my OCD loose and hopefully the result will be something that is amazing and loved by readers.

I could say more…I could talk about stress…and five year olds who catch every available virus at school and pass it on to me. Every. Virus. And living with my almost 80 year old mom who repeats the same stories over and over, but is so adorable doing it that I forgive her daily. But, that stuff isn’t very interesting.

So I’ll leave you with some good news…for me anyway. Saving Ben is being reviewed with lots of 5 Star ratings on Amazon. I still need more, but I can’t begin to explain how gratifying it is when I see that someone really loved the book. It’s beyond thrilling.

Getting readers to write reviews is like pulling teeth, but I have faith that slowly but surely word will spread. I want to have more to offer a new reader in general, though, so it’s back to I Fell In and hopefully this puppy will be published by May, 2017.

Thanks for your support and for the awesome reviews. (Please consider leaving one if you’ve read the book and loved it!)

Love you guys.

5 Stars For Saving Ben!

Thanks to Rochelle’s Reviews for the wonderful words and enthusiastic review of Saving Ben!

“Tiffany Winters delivers a story that will grip your heart, fire up your libido, and leave you pining for more. I highly recommend Saving Ben for a read that is sure to have you craving a dark and mysterious rock star with a rockin’ body and filthy words.”

You can check out the rest of her review here:


Mannequin Challenge, Why You Should Care

Just kidding. You shouldn’t.

You guys, why is this a thing? As I understand it, people just sort of stand still for a few moments in various action poses, while someone walks around filming them. And it’s supposed to be hilarious. Or super amusing. Maybe just slightly chuckle-worthy? All I feel when I watch these strange vids is mildly curious. Not curious to the point where I’m motivated to act. I’m not thinking, “Hey, that is so interesting to me I’m going to go research it.” Or “Hey that looks like fun. I shall gather my friends and do this exact thing only maybe we can get Rick to kick it up a notch and moon the camera. Rick’s hysterical! He’d totally do that!”

Nope. I get the kind of curious that is anti-motivational. I have no need to explore further. Kind of like when you see a guy on the subway scratching his genitals as if he doesn’t know that extreme genital touching will make them fall off. Seriously. A nun told me that.

So, this is as much effort as I can put forth to understand the mannequin challenge. Perhaps someone will enlighten me. S’not like I’ll be asking any further questions about it, though.

Did you see the book trailer?



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Holy Hell, I’ve published Saving Ben.


It’s been a long road, but I’ve finally published my first novel. The idea for this book came four years ago. Yes, that’s how long I’ve been writing and rewriting it. I had a lot to learn as a new writer and have had amazing help along the way. My second novel was also written in that time, and now that I’ve completed Saving Ben, I’ll be able to focus on polishing that up and getting it out. After that, Saving Gemma is next in line.

Here’s the buy link:



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Exciting News!

I’m on the verge of releasing my first novel– Saving Ben, this October. It’ll be part one of a series, but each one can be read as a standalone.  I’ve hired a copy editor to find all of the typos and grammatical errors that I’m sure are all over the place. And, yesterday I contracted with the wonderful Caroline Teagle, who is currently working on some visuals for me.

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I spoke to someone recently who made me think a lot about heartbreak…about how many of us are lonely.

Even in this sea of technology, where we can have contact with anyone, at anytime, and in these places we live which feel more crowded every day, so many of us feel alone. The world is full of scary things. We don’t feel as secure or safe anymore, but we try to make it thus, for our kids and families.

People go to parks and instead of raising their faces to the sun and sky, breathing in the air around them, listening the the sound of the wind and birds in the trees, they look down. Faces glued to screens which carry them somewhere else -always somewhere else- where things might be a little better, where something funny is happening or where things are so much worse it’s hard not to cry about it.

I know, I sound like an old curmudgeon. It’s not like I feel the world was any better 20 or 30 years ago. There are no good old days for my generation, but I do think the old adage is true; you get more of what you pay attention to.

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